Migratory Restlessness


“Dreamers make the best drivers, always. They are not afraid of unknown routes, they do not complain about bumps in the road, and they like the feel of the machine roaring down the dark highways. They seldom if ever get lost because wherever they find themselves is part of what they were seeking. Meanwhile, it’s drive time.” –Charles Bowden


Since age 6, birds and their movements have captivated me–influenced, even, many of my own movements towards jobs; pastimes; relationships.

Storytelling, too, is a big part of who I am. This also became evident at a young age: when I was 10 or so, I created the very originally titled Nature Newsletter for my peers.

Creating stories remains prominent in my life–my degree is in environmental writing and media, and a big part of what keeps my fires burning has been to share stories in multiple mediums, like guiding, presentations, photography, and, of course, longform writing. 

So  here, now, I’m combining these two loves and dedicating time to creating stories about what avian conservation and its stakeholders looks like in 2021. Here, I invite you to follow along with me.  

Visiting Peregrinations provides a very quick glance of recent whereabouts (and their imagery); the blog will be my means of sharing updates; the storymap will sort content geographically. The more intensive creative nonfiction I’m setting out to create can be accessed via Patreon.  

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