Supporting Bird of Passage

My initial vision for this endeavor was to network with Audubon chapters while on the road, to bring stories and images from my travels to those audiences in return for some gas and grub money. I love sharing in this medium, and still intend to find outlets for virtual programs that do not contradict Covid-19 precautions (Keep tabs on the Bird Clubs Programs page and reach out if something catches your eye!). I also provide editorial and proofreading services, which is another way you can provide support. 

Patreon will be my means of sharing creative nonfiction with patrons of this project. In addition to the work included on my portfolio page, here are links to a Whitefish Point blog I wrote earlier this spring, a travelogue from the adventures of driving back to Michigan after buying a used Tacoma (sight-unseen) in Alaska, and “The Gathering,” about nest-building kittiwakes and intimacy with self and place. Through this, you’ll get a sense of whether my style and voice are what you seek as a reader.  

And, of course, sharing my content via social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is both easy for you and much appreciated by me. 

As always, I acknowledge and am grateful for your time. Thank you for visiting my site!



What’s Patreon?

In essence, Patreon is a conduit for creator and audience, with the creator (me) creating content for a community of patrons (you?), who pay a nominal monthly access fee. 

My project’s Patreon has several tiers of support, with benefits like:

  • Personalized monthly postcards
  • First looks at new programs
  • Creative writing that will otherwise be unavailable. 

 The button below will take you to my Patreon. 

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