09.13.21: Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument, mid-September. Mushrooms color the ground, warblers the trees. The woods are full of little flocks, and the flocks feel like an end-of-summer mixer of locals (chickadees and Hairy Woodpeckers) and seasonals (the neotropical migrants.) The chickadees are loud—drawing attention, almost, to the warbler departure. “It’s time to say goodbye!” …

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07.10.21: Dinosaur

The last couple days, watching White-throated Swifts slice the heat shimmer and smoke haze has been a cherished joy; the sudden, sharp drops and rises of the swifts match the landscape they call home. They defy gravity, something I’ve been fighting the last few days. Yesterday, it was 105*F where I was–20*F above average. I …

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