Month: March 2021

03.08.21: South Fork

I’m walking through the dark with my headlamp off, the stars lighting a passage gilded with ghostly sycamore limbs; echoing with Whiskered Screech-Owls. The creek is gurgling and abundant mystery footfall precipitates thoughts of jaguars, lions. Being present is often uncomfortable; to employ a light seems too far a degree of separation between myself and …

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02.28.21: Ajo, AZ

We’ve backed into the creosote flats, a couple miles west of the Border Patrol camp–took the first wide spot oriented so that the dust from passing vehicles goes away, towards Mexico, and not into our encampment. There are two saguaros visible to the naked eye; everything else is a creosote bush–spindly, gray bark with little …

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02.27.21: Ajo, AZ

In a quiet corner of the Sonoran Desert, a blue flag flies high over the Palo Verde and the Ocotillo. It announces water for those in need, for this stretch of desert has claimed the lives of thousands of border-crossers. Costa’s Hummingbird males scream by on display flights, outdoing the maneuvers of the airforce overhead; …

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