5 thoughts on “Ocala: The Needs of a Red-cockaded Woodpecker”

  1. You are one brave lady! Your post personalized for me the constant wariness birds have to maintain just for their survival. You’ve sort of put yourself in their footprints!

  2. Brings back many memories of 3-, 4-, 8-miles trudges through sites looking for RCWOs. My lifer was at Okefenokee NWR, right along the roadside. Loved your parallels between female RCWO and solo women in the field.

    1. Thanks Evie! Isn’t Okefenokee a sweet place?! We were in the backcountry area when the March covid-meltdown happened last year… it was a bumpy transition back to front country.

  3. Wonderfully told. You have a gift for being empathic with your natural surroundings, the non-human beings around you, and a genuine vulnerable voice I enjoy hearing in these musings. I’d be scared out there all alone too, mostly of other humans.

  4. Some writers have been coached to not only state the facts, but also to share some emotion. You accomplish that in spades. I have read most of Edwin Way Teale’s books and notice a similar approach to each of your splendid accounts. Traveling, pick a nature topic or location, then dive in deeply with a splendid unique account that provides a lot of information and includes the reader in all the senses that you are experiencing. Can’t wait to get your future book(s). In the meantime thirst for each new installment!

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